Thoughts on The Lab in HTC Vive

It was really interesting to experience a very diverse universe, almost like a demoreel, for the vive. I didn’t expect it to have several “games”; I’m not sure how I would label the experiences with the skeleton or the mountain view. They all definitely had an element of play in them. I think almost everything was very intuitive.

The archery game was fun to play. But hard to exit out of. I paired with Jeff Park to explore the games, and it took us both a good 5-10 minutes to realize we could only leave the game through the computer.

Skeleton and planets was very interesting and almost educational, except nothing was happening, so they felt like short experiences.

Being in Venice and a peak of a mountain was really interedting, because you can stand at unconventional heights and I was surprised to feel weird about being in the air and not having a virtual ground under me.

I think the spaceship game was the most fun, although it was confusing at first if I needed to press any button or just move. But it is a game that anyone could understand within a couple of minutes into the game.

Unreal Engine scenes