Uzuklar, a tale I grew up with in Turkmenistan, has always peaked my interest. It is a folklore that has been passed on orally through centuries by Turkmen musicians – dutar masters. During my Fairytales for the 21st century, I will attempt to retell this legend visually using the Quilt by Oculus or Tilt Brush by Google.

Below is a mood board I made with images of camels and the Karakum desert.



My initial thought was to paint a 3D model of a camel, but I ended up not liking the look of it. See sketches below.

Once I figured 3D look is not for me, I decided to just trace photographs from my mood board and sketch on top of those. I ended up exploring an almost flat painting look in tilt brush and I really enjoy the way it looks so far.

I put a photograph of the desert behind them and this is the look I got. I really like how the color of the sand fills in camels really nicely. I think I might continue with that idea of maybe coloring the shadows of the camels, but leaving the rest empty and letting the sand behind show through.

Here are some gifs to show how these drawings look in VR with the headset on.