As research for Worlds on a Wire class, I watched 3 films in oculus this week: Henry, Dear Angelica and Lost. Also I looked at Unreal Demoreel, as well as played with the Tilt Brush by Google.

The films were interesting. I was surprised to find the subtle interactivity of Henry and Lost.

While watching Henry, I noticed that the character looked at me, and first I thought he was looking in my general direction. Then oculus software crashed on the MSI, so I had to switch computers and start over. The second time I unintentionally sat in a completely different place, and when the scene came, the character looked straight at me again. So I realized, they added head and eye movement to Henry, so he would be able to follow the viewer. Story wise, I thought it was very simple, but strong. Perfect for children and makes the adults smile.

Dear Angelica was the second film I tried. Stunning visuals and truly breathtaking moments all throughout the film. The method of painting the story in the space was very powerful, and having 2 visual arts degrees before ITP, I think I appreciated it on many more levels than a regular person would. I did feel like the story got lost. I’ll try to go back and explore more, but at the moment I would not be able to tell a friend what that film was about.

Lost was a film we were not told to watch, but I found and wanted to try out as well. Another cute film like Henry, also has the technology incorporated to follow the viewer, but more towards the very end. I thought the story was weaker and this was a project that the oculus team made, just to test out the tools and do a proof of concept.

I quickly looked at the Unreal Engines demo reel. It was very “game-y”? That may have had a lot to do with the content though.

Tilt brush is amazing! I tried that for the first time last week, and after just 15-20 minutes I had the following painting-sculpture of a life size horse.

Thinking back to Angelica, I am curious to use Quilt by Oculus to tell a story. This semester I am going to try to do that for another class where we have to tell a fairytale, which I think the style of brush strokes would definitely impact the story I want to tell.