This is an exercise for Fairy tales for the 21st Century class, where we had to take a fairy tale, legend or story we grew up with, and make it our own by changing the characters, setting and/or the plot. Here is the original, and following my retelling of it.


3 wealthy sisters get on camels and go to the blooming desert fields to play

1 camel gets stung and throws the younger sister, causing her to stutter

Sisters decide to settle and start playing

Each sing a song, while behind a hill there is a shepherd listening in

Rain cloud is coming and about to ruin the moment

The shepherd sings with the flute to the cloud to not rain

The beautiful song of the shepherd heals the girl’s stutter


A shepherd wakes up realizing he has lost his herd.

As he searches for his heard, he plays his flute hoping his herd will hear and come back.

A rain cloud hears his music and comes and rains. In panic, alone in the desert, soaked, he gets a stutter.

As he desperately continues playing a flute with a stutter, 3 wealthy girls hear his music from behind a hill and decide to come for rescue.

They come to the shepherd and sing with him to call for the sheep. Singing of all 4 is so powerful that it brings back the herd.

Overjoyed, the shepherd’s stutter is healed.