For my final project I thought about using my experience with concussion as inspiration. I am currently light sensitive, and I have been wearing sunglasses. This has caused discomfort for people around me. Many have told me that they feel uncomfortable because they can’t see my eyes, they are not sure if I’m listening, if I’m looking at them, or they don’t know where I’m looking in general, or can’t take me seriously.

After some thought, I decided to try and make sunglasses that will track my eyes and show on the screen of the glasses where my eyes are looking, or perhaps even show blinking, with led lights.


The thought of having sunglasses with a screen came from Daft Punk and a new brand called Chemion.


The Chemion sunglasses are powered by 2 AAA batteries and controlled by a cellphone app. The app allows the user write their own words, shapes, etc. Also, the Chemion glasses have stripes inside of the glasses, which I thought I could use in my design to hide the led lights behind them, so the eyes are not exposed to the light.


Tracking eyes.

Part of my rehab and vestibular therapy, is wearing goggles with an infrared camera, which allows my therapist see my eye’s reaction to movement and analyze my dizziness.

This gave me the idea of using infrared camera inside of the glasses to track the eyes’ movement. Having an infrared camera inside of sunglasses made sense to me, since the eye would not be able to see the infrared light and it wouldn’t disturb the person with light sensitivity.


I’m going to be looking into:

  • ways of using a small simple webcam and trying to fit it into glasses.
  • figuring out what type of a microcontroller I want to use. Something tells me Arduino Uno won’t be able to handle a library with facial recognition? Do I even need facial recognition? Can I work with color sensors in the camera and code? We tried to work with color detection in P5, could I use that? How would that work with tracking eye movement.
  • mapping and laying out a grid of led lights, and using them as pixels to display where my eyes are looking, and figuring out how the circuit will work for that, as well as the code in the microcontroller, which will be receiving the information from the infrared camera.
  • designing glasses that will hold all of the things together, be portable and feel comfortable for the user.