This week I explored a few ways to build a switch.

I started out by setting up my breadboard with a bulb.

img_0643I used arduino as the battery, black cable to the negative, resistor, an LED, and connected that to the positive – ground.

Then I decided to add a switch, by adding a button. Which ended up being this:


To make this work I rewired the positive cable to go to the button vs to ground, making it the negative to the button. And then added a positive from the button to the ground.

After making this, I tried to make a buzzer. I used the buzzer from the arduino package. I swapped the lamp with the buzzer. But it didn’t work. I tried to rewire it a few times and it ended up not working out. I looked online what could work, and found a few tutorials, which suggested coding in the arduino, which I’m not familiar with yet. So I asked a second-year ITPer. She explained that arduino has a library of sounds, and if I don’t install that library into it, the buzzor will not work. I am going to try this this weekend. I couldn’t finish it before this class. Sorry for no pictures.